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Our Services :


Building Maintenance Services



Housekeeping and manpower services



Industrial supply


Civil Work Services

We specialize in providing various types of construction and maintenance services. Our masonry works include brick and stone work, plastering work, PCC, RCC, stone pitching, road work, building construction and related works. We also offer excavation services, foundations for machines, footings, slings, columns, RCC structure, and beams for building and factory constructions. Our flooring services include Trimix floor, epoxy floor, PCC, tiles work such as Spartex and marbonite tiles, granite and marble flooring, window frames, kitchen Otta and flooring, staircase flooring, and toilet and bathroom wall tiles fitting. We can also provide wall compounds in brick and stone, fencing work for metering kiosk, factory premises and open land. Our maintenance services cover tar road, cement road, drainage chambers, drainage lines, and waterproofing work for brick walls, RCC walls, steel sheet roofs, water tanks, toilets and bathrooms, terrace slab, and underground water tanks.

Electrical Services

We specialize in repairing and providing preventive maintenance for various equipment such as diesel generators, UPS, precision air handling units, air compressors, and residential lifts. We also offer installation and maintenance services for ST/LT panels, all types of ACs, including split, cassette, ductable, VRV system, tower AC, and window AC. In addition, we can help with the maintenance of air circuit breakers, exhaust fans, panels, air handling units, chiller pumps, and other related equipment.


Plumbing Services

We offer a range of services related to pipes and fittings,including replacement and repair work for GI, U-PVC, C-PVC, cement pipes, and associated fittings. Our team is also equipped to install new pipelines for water, gas, air, and diesel in GI, MS, and SS. We can provide and install water tanks made of cement or Sintex, complete with fittings. Additionally, we offer cleaning services for drainage lines, sewage lines, and septic tanks, and can quickly rectify any choke-ups. We also offer installation and repair services for solar systems, pressure pumps, and borewell motors and connections. Finally, we can install auto systems for water tanks to avoid wasting time and promote water conservation.